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Meet Zach and Geoffrey, founders of K2 Tech Group and extremely nice people. They love a challenge, especially when it involves helping people and businesses use technology to work better and more efficiently.

Geoffrey is a true techie with a track record of problem solving. Zach is a people-person, driven to find a better way to do most anything. They meet in the middle over their shared love of backpacking, rock climbing, cars, obstacle courses and building things. Or ­better yet, taking things apart so they can build them back better.

Bring on the challenges. The more technical the better.
When they decided to create an IT company and brainstormed a name, they thought about the world’s most technically challenging mountain to climb. “Mount Everest may be the highest,” they said. “But K2 is considered the toughest mountain in the world.”
And K2 Tech Group was born. Today they lead a team that solves the day-to-day challenges facing businesses in a highly technical, ever-changing world. As for leading an expedition to climb the actual K2 mountain in Pakistan? Bucket list, maybe. For now we need them safely on the ground, getting to the bottom of your IT issues.
Zach Minton K2 Tech
Zach Minton
Zach honed his talent for customer service early, as the champion wrapping paper salesman (three years running) at Forest Acres Elementary School in Easley, SC. After graduating from the University of South Carolina with a degree in advertising and public relations, he led a five-person team at a local State Farm insurance agency to the rank of top 30 in the country and kept them in the top 100 for two years. Zach attributes his success with clients to his approach of being present but never pushy. He is happiest when helping people and businesses work better and more efficiently. When he isn’t helping clients achieve their goals you’ll find him outdoors – backpacking, rock climbing, playing with cars or building things.
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