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6 Problems Managed IT Services Can Solve for Your Law Firm

lawyer holding pen and writing on desk with scale and gavel

Few businesses need the combination of secure technology and extremely efficient workflows quite like law firms. Not only are these businesses handling extremely sensitive client data, but they’re also dealing with large numbers of documents and files on a daily basis. This is where managed IT services for law firms comes in. That’s why an […]

What’s the Difference Between Compliance and Security?

professionals at a computer programming

Lots of questions might come up when you’re thinking about whether your business is safe and compliant with federal, state, and industry regulations: If I follow all the regulations, will my data be secure? How do I keep up with the laws? Are the regulations mandatory, or can I just stick with my current IT […]

Why Managed IT Services Are Taking Over the Market from Break/Fix IT

people typing at computers at a Columbia MSP

Subscription models are the current trend in everything from streaming services to clothing shopping—and IT services are no exception. Managed IT services are a subscription-like plan for business IT services where organizations get the help of an outsourced IT team for one flat fee each month. This type of service is becoming so popular that […]

8 IT Services That Can Boost Your Business

Server room, modern data center.

Technology has become an integral part of businesses today. It helps organizations to be more efficient and productive. IT services can range from simple things like setting up email accounts and sharing files, to more complex services like data recovery and network security. Here are 8 IT services that can help boost your business: 1. […]

What Does It Mean for a Business to Have Managed IT Services?

Engineering Foreman using managed IT services to manage his tech and team

As more businesses come to rely on technology, the need for managed IT services has grown. Managed IT services can help businesses keep their systems running smoothly and efficiently, while also providing support and protection from potential problems. There are a number of different ways that businesses can benefit from managed IT services. In this […]

Everything You Need to Know About CMMC Levels

CMMC Levels

The Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC) and CMMC levels impacts more than 300,000 companies across the globe, and is rightfully becoming a topic of conversation for many companies, especially when it comes to implementing the various requirements that are necessary to complete before becoming certified. In this blog, we’ll cover what CMMC is, what CMMC […]

IT Compliance and IT Security: What’s the Difference?

IT compliance

When it comes to information technology (IT), compliance and security are two key concepts that are often confused. However, there is a big difference between the two. Compliance is about following the rules, while security is about protecting your systems and data.  This article will dive a little deeper into what the key differences are […]

5 Characteristics of an Exceptional Columbia Managed Services Provider

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Due to the increasing prevalence of cybercrime, Columbia-based businesses and companies have started to take precautionary measures to save their valuable data from cybercrime breaches. One great way to protect your business and data is by selecting a managed services provider. Many businesses, which are not financially capable of affording the expenses of hiring an […]