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The Teamwork of Trees

Typically, when we talk about teams, we think in terms of competition. Even though teams are essentially built to work together toward a common goal, the ultimate goal is usually to defeat a specific challenge — or even another team. With an eye toward victory, claiming a stake or a territory, the team employs strategies […]

Understand That Your Time is Limited

The average American spends 2.5 hours a day browsing through social media. Why? Because this has become the norm in our society. We encourage you to drop that number below 1. Your time is limited, so why waste it looking at the successful lives of others when you could be putting in the work to […]

Welcome to the Rainforest

Zenith Promotions is fresh from The Annual Partner’s Winter Vacation! Being part of a company that only promotes from within, and seeing the growth of team members, into leaders, and impactful mentors, is a profound experience; and getting together, for rest and relaxation, is a huge gift for the holidays. Costa Rica is lush with […]

Holiday Toy Drive for HCA

For a child recovering from surgery in December, it means missing out on Christmas Tree lightings, car rides through decorated neighborhoods, and Santa parades; that heartbreak, can lead to a difficult recovery. Every year, it is our passion to partner with a local pediatrics wing, to deliver pallets of toys, to hospital rooms in Houston; […]

Pearland Small Business

On our last visit, the small business community in Pearland, Texas, blew us at Zenith Promotions away! From an impromptu piano performance at the Pearland School of Music, to the stories from John of Arkham Comics and Games, we left with renewed sense of community. Pearland began in 1882, a vast prairie that proved fertile […]

Congratulations Carl!

When Carl Everitt walked through the doors of Zenith Promotions, he carried himself with confidence, as a man ready to embrace change, and every experience thrown at him. Absorbing each lesson in non-profit promotions, and management training, he has been able to connect with clients and donors in multiple states, in each unique area of […]

Employee Appreciation Post

Michaels bright enthusiasm fills the room, as he smiles, and issues a wave of his arms, gesturing to the boards with an expo marker. As development manager, he enjoys passing along the systems, and watching them be implemented, and understood, by new trainees.Coming from a growth consulting company, handling equipment for industrial machinery, Michaels biggest […]

Congratulations Karlin

Karlin Lojo, began at Zenith Promotions, fresh from the restaurant industry, looking for growth into a more intense form of customer service, and leadership. Though transitioning from the more repetitive, and specific nature, of food service, has proved a challenge, her military family upbringing, pushes her to enhance every area of her professional life. Karlin’s […]


Zenith Promotions is proud to be the Official Promotion Team, for the D.A.R.E. P.L.U.S. program in Houston. D.A.R.E.’s “Keeping it R.E.A.L.” campaign launched in 2007, to encourage kids to lead self and healthy lives. Since then, new elements are being added every year, to stop Bullying, teach healthy decision making skills, encourage self-esteem, and foster […]