Cloud based computing: The advantages are clear

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Cloud based computing gives you access to the applications and programs you use every day through the internet rather than a physical server in your building. It saves users money, frees employees to work from anywhere, keeps data safe and makes it easy for businesses to scale storage space up or down depending on their need.

You may not realize it but you already rely on cloud computing every time you update your Facebook status or check your bank balance from your phone. Working in the cloud is becoming the new normal.

Here are a few cloud benefits K2 Tech Group clients enjoy:

Flexibility. “Having a private cloud lets employees access their work wherever they are,” says Zach Minton, co-founder and Director of Business Development for K2 Tech Group. “An internet connection is all they need to access work files. This is especially helpful for businesses that do on-site work and those that travel frequently.”

Cut costs. When businesses move to the cloud they no longer have to update their server every five years. Their data is hosted on K2’s servers and we absorb the cost. “This is perfect for small businesses that are just beginning to grow,” says Geoffrey Giles, K2 Tech Group co-founder and IT Director. “Not having to spend $5,000-$10,000 on a server means they have more money to put back into their business to generate new revenue.”

Easy growth and expansion. If a business in the cloud needs more storage space, they simply request it. In the past, this meant purchasing another server for storage or adding storage space to the existing server, at a large one-time cost. “In the cloud, you aren’t hit with large costs to gain storage capability,” says Zach.

Disaster recovery. With a private cloud, even if there’s a disaster at your workplace, your data is safe because the cloud is housed off-site. “A good cloud provider has redundancy, so if one server fails, there is another one to back it up,” says Geoffrey. “Businesses with a traditional server setup may not have redundancy, which puts them in danger of losing all their data in a workplace disaster.”

Is your business ready to make the move to cloud based computing? Get in touch with us today to take advantage of these benefits and more.

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