Cloud Services

Cloud Services

What does everyone mean when they say “THE CLOUD” and why does my business need this so called cloud?

Well… The cloud is actually another large computer set up in a special hidden location by a company in what is called a datacenter. This large computer or datacenter has a lot of extra memory space and is connected to the internet at all times. Each company that has a cloud, has designed their cloud to meet the needs of that company or their clients, but the idea is the same, provide space for data, a lot of data, and provide the security measures needed so that data stays secure but is also easy to access from anywhere.

As a business owner the cloud is an option that will save your business money and time and provide confidence in knowing, even in a disaster, your business’s data will be secure and accessible. Using the cloud and cloud services is an option for any business whether you have many locations that need to access the same data or many employees out in the field, using a cloud will help make your business more productive.

K2 Tech Cloud Services

A lot of other IT providers only offer cloud services provided by another larger 3rd party like Amazon, Google, DropBox or Microsoft. K2 Tech can offer these cloud options as well, but our engineers wanted to be able to guarantee a recovery time without the headache of dealing with call center support so we built our own cloud we call Everest. This means we guarantee a totally customized set up of any cloud based services your business may need. Concerned about regulations like FINRA, HIPAA, HITECH, PCI, or others? K2 Tech’s Everest solution application hosting means your email, user identity management and 3rd party software applications will be hosted to meet all compliance needs.

Haven’t you always wanted your own private cloud? Contact K2 Tech today.

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