When Carl Everitt walked through the doors of Zenith Promotions, he carried himself with confidence, as a man ready to embrace change, and every experience thrown at him. Absorbing each lesson in non-profit promotions, and management training, he has been able to connect with clients and donors in multiple states, in each unique area of the territory entrusted to him: He has developed a consistency rivaled by no one else; this, combined with work ethic, and student mentality, make him a joy to work with, and learn from. We are happy to announce the Promotion of Carl Everitt, to Junior Partner! He is now only one step away from managing his own unique office, for our clients; with his long term goal being to make his office, the number one in the country.
Carl came to Zenith Promotions from the retail, big box industry. His intense customer service training has benefited our clients, and his advancement in the Partner Development Program. His ability to truly hear the concerns of every customer, in stores, and find a unique solution, has transitioned into Non-Profit Promotions, where nearly everyone is affected by the issues our clients tackle.
His personal motivation is to keep pushing, growing, and improving as a genuine person; living by the words, “If you don’t learn something new every day, it’s a day wasted.” He enjoys training others; and seeing the impact he is making in their lives, as they grasp new concepts, and skills, both in theory, and in practice; a skill he honed as a Development Manager. We are excited to see what the future brings for Carl, Zenith Promotions, and our clients. Congratulations Carl Everitt!

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