Karlin Lojo, began at Zenith Promotions, fresh from the restaurant industry, looking for growth into a

more intense form of customer service, and leadership.

Though transitioning from the more repetitive, and specific nature, of food service, has proved a

challenge, her military family upbringing, pushes her to enhance every area of her professional life.

Karlin’s steady presence, and work ethic, combines with her desire to help the community, and is fueling

her on her way, to the promotion of Development Manager.

From Managing Partner, Seth Pipkin, “Karlin learned how to get things done right, the first time”.

She looks forward to seeing what kind of leader she will become, as she progresses in her career. Her

personal mantra, is “She believed she could, so she did.

And we, at Zenith Promotions, are excited to be part of her growth and her future.

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