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The leading causes of data loss in a company are the same in almost every business. Some people believe that once they save their data in a computer, it’s safe and can always access it. It is essential to have your data backed up because data loss is unpredictable. Below are some of the factors that affect the security of your data and lead to permanent damage.
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Backup refers to the process of storing data in another separate medium and not just in the primary storage. This helps you recover data in case the primary hardware fails or is stolen.

  • Accidental deletion

Accidental deletion is one of the common causes of data loss.  Anyone who uses paperless technology can admit having lost or corrupted their valuable data by mistake at one time.

  • Data load or sync issues

It is important to load or sync large data onto different platforms. However, the uploading process can encounter problems leading in data loss or corruption.

  • Insider Threats

It is possible for a business to have a disgruntled worker who may decide to perform a massive data deletion. By the time a company discovers that the data is missing, it is likely to take time and without backup, such data is never recovered.

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