Michaels bright enthusiasm fills the room, as he smiles, and issues a wave of his arms, gesturing to the boards with an expo marker. As development manager, he enjoys passing along the systems, and watching them be implemented, and understood, by new trainees.
Coming from a growth consulting company, handling equipment for industrial machinery, Michaels biggest challenge was quieting his inner analyst.
Used to working with mechanisms, and technical motion control products, trusting the day to day interactions, and flow of marketing, was a new skillset for Michael; but one he set to meticulously master, in all it's intricacies. His passion for growth in business has carried over from his old industry, into the new; and he looks
forward to building programs for our clients, our team, and the future.
From Managing Partner Seth, he learned, “The only thing holding me back, is me;” and his personal mantra, is, “Life isn’t a Sprint, it is a Marathon.” Benchmark, by benchmark, this steady optimism, in each segment of Michael’s run, is building a brighter future for all of us here at Zenith Promotions, and our non-profit clien

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