Maybe the best part of being on team Zenith Promotions is the fact that we have so many ways to improve from day-to-day. Of course, there are also the clear pathways to professional advancement to consider. Add in the supportive work atmosphere we enjoy and it’s clear that we’re in the prime position to hit our highest career targets.

The initial training new hires receive pretty much sums up our approach to development. Each incoming Event Manager learns about all phases of our operations from his or her first few days on the job. Even our newest team members feel comfortable taking on big challenges. It’s all about learning here, and it begins right away.

One-to-one coaching from our experienced event managers is also a huge part of our success. We want to make new hires feel confident as quickly as possible. With this in mind, in-office mentors lead the way in providing hands-on guidance. It’s no wonder that those who come on board tend to make fast progress up the ladder.

Speaking of promotions, we all know exactly what we need to do to achieve them. As we aim for higher levels within Zenith Promotions, there’s no doubt about how to get there. Knowing our hard work will be rewarded keeps us motivated to perform at our best.

We’re encouraged to grow day in and day out around the Zenith Promotions office. Like us on Facebook to learn more about our inspiring work culture.

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