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Equipment Lifecycle ManagementNot sure which computer is the best fit for your business’s needs? Maybe your business has many different needs when it comes to your IT equipment and the cost concerns you. K2 Tech has you covered with Hardware as a Service. From desktop to laptop from switches to firewalls we can handle it all. K2 Tech’s engineers work with you and your employees to find the right equipment at the right price and then train your company on the best practices when using that equipment to ensure maximum productivity.

Computer Replacement ProgramHave a lot of equipment that needs to be updated continuously? K2 Tech has the option of renting or leasing equipment to you at a low monthly fee so you can forget the pain of large costs in lump sums and ensure you have working equipment at all times.

K2 Tech treats your business like it is our own, proactively monitoring your equipment to ensure it is in warranty, working at its optimal efficiency and preventing any downtime from equipment failure (That's right, you shouldn’t have to plan to restart your server weekly). You have enough to worry about on the day to day, your IT equipment shouldn’t be a concern.

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