Pearland Small Business

On our last visit, the small business community in Pearland, Texas, blew us at Zenith Promotions away! From an impromptu piano performance at the Pearland School of Music, to the stories from John of Arkham Comics and Games, we left with renewed sense of community.

Pearland began in 1882, a vast prairie that proved fertile ground for fruit and vegetable fields; but population was sparse after the Galveston Hurricane in 1915. The discovery of oil, in Pearland, in 1934 brought a rise in population; but nothing compared to the mass growth of the last decade: Pearland is now the 15th fastest growing city in the United States, and has doubled in size!

This growth, has contributed to joy filled commerce, and new ideas. Our team was refreshed by the interactions with small business owners, in industrial, health, hospitality, and activities-based industries: Many of these businesses helped fund full-classrooms through our client, the revamped D.A.R.E. America Program.

Vaping-prevention was a huge concern for the parents of Pearland, as well as Student Suicide Prevention, both part of D.A.R.E. America’s new “Keepin’ it R.E.A.L.” campaign, which gives K-12 students socio-emotional awareness, and situational skills, to obtain help for themselves, and their friends.

Opening dialogue with parents, the new D.A.R.E. America fills old holes, and addresses concerns; and we are so grateful on behalf of our client, for our top donors, Sharita at Natural Hair Salon and Spa, John of Arkham Comics and Games, Nick of the Pearland School of Music, and the family at Diesel Crate for supporting this new and important curriculum.

We look forward to hearing your thoughts on the pilot after-school program D.A.R.E. P.L.U.S. now beginning in the Houston area, on our next visit!

Thank you to all the Small Business owners in Pearland, for all you do for your teams, your industries, and the community at large.