Welcome to the Rainforest

Zenith Promotions is fresh from The Annual Partner’s Winter Vacation!

Being part of a company that only promotes from within, and seeing the growth of team members, into leaders, and impactful mentors, is a profound experience; and getting together, for rest and relaxation, is a huge gift for the holidays.

Costa Rica is lush with wildlife, and bright colors, that awaken our hearts: Horseback Riding on the excursion, was something new for many of the partners, and laughter overcoming fear, became a central part of the day. The beautiful trails wove in and out of trees, and volcanic peaks: The landscape nothing like what we see at our home offices.

Taking advantage of being in the tropics, in winter, lead to pool time at the resort; and the almost roller-coaster-like waterslides, were exhilarating!

Networking in the natural hot springs, was a once in a lifetime experience, none of us will soon forget, as the heat and cleansing environment, opening up dialogue, and new ideas.

Solution finding, and resolving for growth in the new year, for our team and clients, we at Zenith Promotions, return with renewed connections, and ready to face the ever-changing market of 2020.