Why Email Security Should Be a Priority For Columbia Small Business Owners

secure email inbox

How many times a day do you think you open your email? Or have you ever wondered just how many emails you get a day? In 2022, over 333 billion emails were sent and received every day. It’s estimated that anywhere from 36 to 73% of those emails are spam.

And since Deloitte claims that 91% of phishing attacks start with an email, it’s safe to say that email is most likely a weak point in your cybersecurity. But like all digital assets, there are simple ways to boost your email security and stop hackers before they even reach your inbox.

How the “Security” Supplied by Your Email Provider Fails

Most email platforms like Gmail, Yahoo, and Outlook come with standard security measures. Yet these are far from enough to protect your emails. For example, filters can’t detect hidden emails that might be carrying malicious links or attachments. They also cannot recognize phishing attempts embedded in seemingly legitimate messages.

Your home has doors, locks, and windows, but that’s not always enough to deter intruders. You might add an extra deadbolt, locks on your outdoor fences, security cameras, or even a guard dog! The same goes for email security: if you want to be sure of the safety of your emails, it’s best to go beyond the bare minimum.

What Does Email Security Look Like?

Here’s the good news: email security measures don’t need to be complicated. Some of the most basic, yet essential security measures include:

  • Implementing two-factor authentication (2FA) for each employee account
  • Establishing an acceptable use policy and making sure your staff understands it
  • Installing automated anti-virus software
  • Protecting your employees from phishing attempts with security awareness training
  • Proactive training to educate staff on email threats 

Email security is important for businesses of all sizes, but it’s particularly critical for small business owners. Hackers love going after small businesses because they usually have fewer resources and a smaller cybersecurity budget than the big dogs. So if you want to stay ahead of the game, it’s important to start building your email security strategy now.

How You Can Access Secure Emails

You can implement some email security practices on your own, like enforcing two-factor authentication within your email provider. If you have an in-house IT person or team, make sure to plan frequent employee training about email safety and phishing.

If you don’t have the resources to handle email security in-house, a managed service provider (MSP) could be your best option. They’ll go beyond the tools mentioned above and employ security measures that will help you identify which of your employees is being targeted the most and provide comprehensive malware protection.

Even if a bad attachment or link gets past your filters, your MSP will jump in to help investigate and restore any affected data.

Simple, Affordable Email Security With K2 Tech Group

Almost anyone can access your email for free (or maybe a few cents on the Dark Web) and wreak havoc. That’s why the help of a cybersecurity professional like K2 Tech Group can be the difference between safe data and a breach.

To create a powerful email security strategy that will keep you safe and save you money, partner with K2 Tech Group. Your small business can have access to big tech solutions without breaking the bank. 

With over 500 managed endpoints and a 96% customer retention rate, we can help you create a rock-solid security strategy that will keep your data and emails safe. Schedule a consultation to see why we’re a good fit!