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Today’s technology has so much to offer small and medium businesses with the promise of making your day to day easier and more cost efficient. Network services have evolved to include mobile devices, remote desktops, and cloud based applications which also means more concern of the privacy of your business’ data. For your business to be successful, your network should be customized to fit your exact needs and all members of your business should be trained in workflows and security to maintain a strong network.

Let K2 Tech be your IT network support. You get to determine your level of involvement here at K2 Tech. Our engineers are your engineers, aiming to be your IT network support as if it were an internal department with in your company, minus the high cost of benefits and multiple salaries. Your assigned network support team will assess your business’s IT infrastructure and work with you to develop a customized network design, detail your network security needs and network support needs to ensure you have a complete business IT network ready to grow and maintain the demands your business will face.

No request is too complicated. No network should need a new piece of expensive equipment every other month. Yes, your printer should talk to all of your internal computers. You should be able to work from home without it costing you an arm and a leg. And, yes, you can do all of this and still be in compliance with your business’ regulations. Technology shouldn’t be stressful, let K2 Tech take the stress out of your tech so you can be your best.

Network Design and Installation

K2 Tech’s highly talented engineers will work with you to design a network that meets your business’ unique needs. Our goal is to provide you with the technology needed to grow your business and increase productivity so that your company sees technology as one of its greatest assets and not a liability.
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Network Security Services

K2 Tech knows the most important part of your business is the data you use; that makes your business unique. Today network security is an ever-changing, ongoing battle to keep your company’s data and information safe and secure. Our engineers and staff are trained to maintain manufacturer’s, and industry best practices to provide you the most reliable and trusted network security service possible.

Network, Server & PC Services

Here at K2 Tech we can meet the equipment needs of your business from order to install. Your IT team will help you assess what your business needs, then make sure you get all equipment at the best price. Worried about flood or fire? In the case of an emergency, your K2 Tech engineers will be there to get you back up and running with a guaranteed recovery time in each contract.
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