Weak Passwords Pose Big Security Threat


Small business owners work diligently to protect sensitive information from hackers, who can get into computers, mobile devices and networks. While the threat of hackers is real and should not be ignored, they aren’t the biggest problem. Weak passwords are the biggest threat to your company’s sensitive data. Luckily, with a password manager, this is something you can control.

In today’s digitally connected workplace, we all share the responsibility to keep data secure. But when it comes to creating passwords, most of us take the easy way out, creating passwords that are easy to use and remember. Unfortunately, this practice can leave personal and company information vulnerable to hacks and phishing.

Educating employees on proper password creation is a simple and affordable way to limit security risks. No matter the size of your company, here are four simple tips you can use to improve your first line of defense online:

1. Practice password maintenance

Creating unique passwords and updating them regularly is critical to a secure workplace. In smaller businesses, update your passwords every time an employee leaves. Use a long password with a mix of characters, numbers, symbols and upper and lower case letters. And make sure every single online account has its own password to reduce the risk of a breach.

2. Create passphrases, not passwords

Passphrases can turn a weak password into a strong one. This works by stringing words together to create one long phrase that’s easy for you to remember but hard for someone else to crack. This works because you can commit it to memory, and it’s length and mix of characters makes it strong. Here’s an example: mydogSparky’sbirthdayisJan19

3. Use two-factor authentication

Many websites now offer the option of two-factor authentication for added security. This requires an extra step before logging into an account, even when the password is used. This could require a push notification, text or email to verify the user. Turn this feature on whenever you have the opportunity; it’s another case when two is stronger than one.

4. Add Password Manager to your account

It’s very hard to practice good password habits without having some way to keep your password organized, updated and secure. A password manager centralizes passwords in one secure place and keeps them synched where you need them. It can also generate passwords and identify old, weak or reused passwords.

Follow these tips to ensure your company’s passwords are working harder to protect your sensitive data. For more IT tips and strategies on network security, backup solutions, manager services and more, contact the IT Specialists at K2 Tech Group. We have a plan to protect your company and its sensitive data.

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