What To Do After An Email Hack

4 Tips For A Hacked Email Account

4 quick tips to remember after your email is hacked

What To Do After Your Email Is HackedHave you ever been contacted by a friend or colleague asking why you are sending out so many strange emails? Ever been asked if you are selling something you have never heard of? Ever have a hard time getting into your email only to find replies to emails you never sent?

If so, your email has probably been hacked.

No one likes a hacked email account.  Am I right?  A hacked email account is a data breach that can result in the pain of setting up a new email address, financial loss, or identity theft.  None of which is fun.  So if you happen to find yourself on the receiving end of a data breach, here’s what you should remember to do.      

Login Credentials

Your login credentials or password should be changed immediately.  The sooner you get around to doing this, the better off you’ll be.  If your email is used to log in to other accounts, like your bank or utilities, you should change the passwords for those accounts as well. Think about setting up dual authentication to ensure only you can access your bank account. Refer to our blog on Passwords for help on setting up tough passwords.

Alert your contacts

When criminals hack their way into a database, they stand to take a lot of information.  Some valuable.  Some not.  But one of the things they will likely gather is your email address list.  If they have your contacts’ email addresses, they don’t need much else to launch phishing attacks from your email to your friends and colleagues.  Notify your contacts that your email was hacked and not to open any suspicious emails or links. This will prevent a chain reaction of even more emails being hacked.

Monitor your Credit Report

Hackers can stand to take a lot of information about you after a breach of your email.  If they have enough of the right information, they can potentially steal your identity.  After a breach, monitor your credit report carefully.  For more information on credit reports check out the FTC's Consumer Information page.

Keep an eye on your financial statements

If you any have financial information tied to your email account, then you’ll have to keep a close eye on your bank statements as well.  You may even need to request a replacement for any credit cards used.  Your email is more than just an address; it is also the user name for many websites that have your financial information stored. Keep in mind, this doesn’t just apply for websites like Target and Amazon – where purchasing products is the sole purpose.  It could be a site like LinkedIn, who gives you the option to pay for a higher level membership.

Today, your email is more important than ever. Whether it is your personal email or a work one, it is crucial to protect your data. We hope these tips are simple enough to keep in mind when you are in a panic, so you do not have an annoyance turn into a legal situation.

If you own a business and would like to know how to make your company’s email safer from possible data breaches, call K2 Tech today. We can set up and securely host your email domain. 803-828-7871

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