When I first started with Zenith Promotions, I was a bit scared! I had never really had a job before and I didn’t know what to expect. My first week, I was a little shy. But Seth worked one-on-one with me to show me the ropes of the job and how to act personable around our clients. 

Since then, I have done nothing but grow throughout this company. I have grown personally and professionally since I have started with Zenith Promotions. I love working with a company that really cares about the community and bettering the world.

I have accomplished so many goals because they taught me the ways of the adult/career life. I have made so many wonderful friendships here and this company genuinely cares about their team.

Seth has been a wonderful mentor and boss to me. He has grown this company into what it is today. I wouldn’t want to work anywhere else and I will recommend Zenith Promotions to anyone looking for a job. Find out how you can join our team and start a life-fulfilling career today!

-Erin Suris “brand ambassador”

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